Do you have your own style?

Style is about knowing yourself and expressing who you are. For creating your own style the first step is to forget about what is fashionable and to think about how to create your own style. But isn’t that hard?

We all love to follow the latest fashion trends. They say be true to yourself. Decide if you wear clothes to impress others or to feel good while you are wearing them. 

But fashion is always shifting – even if something you’re wearing is deemed in fashion today, it likely won’t be very soon, possibly as early as tomorrow. 

Style has a dynamic nature, too, but its dynamism has to do with the expression of who you are and your sense of self.  It’s about honoring your uniqueness and having your outsides match your insides.

Once you know what’s “you” and what’s not, you can begin to cultivate a collection of pieces that flatter you, express your personality, and that you’ll love for years to come. Would you dress up as fashion dictates or follow your own style?

As for me I try to be aware of what is going on in fashion world.But i have my own style for sure.

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