Mommies got style!

As a young mom I find I owe it to myself and others to continue to strive to maintain my stylish look.
Motherhood can shift your perspective and intensify your emotions.It can bring out your creativity and ingenuity, your desire to do good, or even just a desire to do more. It can spark ideas, redefine what’s “important” in your life, and ultimately change you — in ways you never expected.
Getting rid of the baby weight is hard, and no one really warns you about the massive change to your body post-baby.But in this case being patient is the best thing you can do. Of course you need to work out and eat healthy. Try to dress comfy while still looking fabulous. One of the best ways to dress for comfort is by choosing comfortable fabrics. Cotton and silk are some of softest and most comfortable fabrics. When you feel good in what you wear, you exude confidence and everyone can sense it. Don’t overdress.While a streamlined, professional look is never a bad idea, there is a limit to how dressy you should be. And one important thing. Play with colors.Of course a little black dress is always a good idea, but wearing bright colors makes you feel better and puts you in a good mood. Mix the bright hue with other equally colors like orange, green and indigo. The trick to avoid looking clownish is all about the silhouettes. Keep them straight and narrow all the way.Injecting a healthy dose of personality into every outfit you assemble is the best thing you can do to let everyone else know how great you are.

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