Esprit Dior Exhibition in Tokyo

The “Esprit Dior” exhibition, held from 30 October 2014 to 4 January 2015 at the TAMAYA  AS Building, is a grand journey into the unique universe of the House of Dior.

From the creations of yesterday by Dior and those of his successors, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, and John Galliano to the resolutely modern work of Raf Simons today, Esprit Dior highlights the exceptional virtuosity of the House of Dior, synonymous with French elegance and Parisian chic.

The Esprit Dior exhibition is a journey into the extraordinary universe of Christian Dior: his designs, inspired by his everlasting fascination with Japanese culture, his strong relations with the most famous artists of his time, his unique talent for offering sublime and inimitable silhouettes with each new collection, his love of great balls, his unique sense of how to bring hapiness to women.

Christian Dior’s visionary creations still convey the same splendid elegance and all of them, from 1947 onwards, are enlivened by a contemporary spirit. Captured by the photographer Patrick Demarchelier, they are revealed in all their facets: timeless icons, works of art, actual jewels of French culture.

Gowns, fragrances, accessories, historical documents, sketches, photographs – Esprit Dior tells the unique story of the House of Dior, tied from its very beginnings to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Patrick Demarchelier, one of the world’s best known and most sought-after fashion photographers, pays homage to the marvellous splendour and expertise of the House of Dior designs via the Esprit Dior exhibition. Enhanced through a lens, the designs created by Christian Dior himself and his successors prove to be modern and timeless. Patrick Demarchelier has produced several advertising campaigns for major luxury brands and is a firm favourite with the most prestigious magazines. Today, he works exclusively for Condé Nast publications, for the American, British, French and Italian editions of Vogue in particular, as well as for Vanity Fair and W. He was Princess Diana’s official photographer and the first foreigner to photograph the British royal family.

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