Mixing Textures

One of this season’s hot fashion trends is mixing textures. However, it takes a little bit of thought to pull the perfect mix-and-match look together.  When you are choosing your clothes, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Cut, shape, color, texture, pattern and shine are all very important factors when it comes to the things you put on. Another parameter one should always consider is the fabric from which each piece is made.

The rule to mixing and matching fabrics is very easy; what you should do is opt for fabrics that are quite contrasting, but not too different. You need to have a trained eye and to experiment a lot in order to be able to tell where that fine line is between “contrasting” and “too different”. For example, if you mix cotton with denim, that is a good combination, as the two fabrics look and feel similar. However, mixing denim with a very smooth material, reserved for formal settings only will make the contrast so high that the two pieces will simply reject each other and will not look harmonious at all. Of course, it is not wrong to make a fashion statement and wear the same fabric from head to toe, but then you should really affirm it.

Some fabrics should be kept only for certain settings. For example, fleece is a fabric appropriate for hiking and similar activities. I don’t recommend that you wear it in other settings and by no chance at semi-formal or formal occasions. Whatever fabrics you wear, make sure that the accessories you put on match them as well. This way, dressier fabrics go well with more valuable accessories (things made from gold, silver or that have precious stones), while casual fabrics go great with accessories made from more common materials, including cotton, wood or even polyester (but only if you do it right).

Let’s look at some examples of great fabric combinations. View the gallery below.


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