Shades Of Nude

Skin is in. Do you dare to go bare? I’m not talking a full-on skin show here, just some pretty flesh-toned fashions. The new neutral is most definitely nude. Spring and fall runways were all about stripped down, skin-tone shades: beige, caramel, cream, apricot and blush when it came to everything from dresses and blouses to slacks and jackets. It is also perfect for the winter time. Nude trend works for most women because there are so many shades and fabrics to choose from.There’s a nude with ruffles. there’s a nude with lace. There are so many different looks can be created from that one trend.I think it’s a really easy trend to do, you just have to figure out ways to incorporate it into your personal style. The nude pump is something every woman should have in her closet. A nude classic heel is going to make your legs longer and leaner, it goes with everything and it’s seasonless.

Skin tone tips:

I think anyone can wear it, it just depends on the shade, Light complexions should look for more of a rosey, pinky shade, where as darker tones can go more taupe.

It’s a palette of nude, not just one shade, so it goes from very, very pale skin all the way to a more sandy color and stone color and even shades of gold. So, there’s no rule. It can look very good on very pale skin or tan skin. It just depends on the item and the intensity of the nude color.

You just want to make sure it doesn’t wash you out or it’s not too close to your own natural color, Just look for something that’s not going to be your exact flesh tone.


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