NYFW | Tory Burch RTW Fall 2015 Runway


Burch fused a pair of aspirational catchwords, “Marrakech meets Chelsea,” the two representative of states of minds as much as physical locations. Guests arrived to a set covered completely in pale, aged Moroccan rugs, both floors and seating.The mood thus set, models took to those carpets in clothes patterned in intricate Eastern motifs that played off of calmer pieces. There were regional Eastern motifs; scarf, marble and confetti prints and embroidered sparkle, sometimes worn in combinations. Often, these were anchored by a coat or long vest. At a time of elaborately wrought, notice-me outerwear, Burch is doing her part, daring her customer to chase the chill with a little flamboyance. An intensely scrolled coat in pale neutrals over a marble-print blouse and skirt looked great; so did a rich red jacquard over matching-print pants.


Categories: Style

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