Fashion Editorial

MFW | Giorgio Armani Fall 2015 RTW Runway


The main concept here was the simple pairing of pants and jackets. Slim trousers hit at mid-ankle, looser pants with pleats came in silver, navy, and a painterly print, and a few velvet and satin pairs were in the mix as well. The most cutting-edge style here was a wrap skirt layered over a pant, cut so precisely it couldn’t have been made by anyone but Armani. On the jacket front, any and all variations were present; classic blazers, collarless numbers with round shoulders, sheer sleeveless styles, and some extremely intricately beaded ones as well. But the silhouette was decidedly laid-back. These were not the power suits that put Armani on the map. Rather these looks could be easily dissected into separates for the younger set and mixed-and-matched by more mature Armani loyalists. The designer also played with his signature hue of blue, interpreted as icy shades as well as stark, midnight-esque tones, but the pops of bubblegum pink that appeared towards the end of the collection were delightful. So were the wispy strapless chiffon frocks, sporting peek-a-boo bodices scrawled with sequined flowers. Marc Chagall was noted as the influence of the colors here, which explains the swirls of paint interpreted onto silk separates and beautifully beaded tops. Super chic!


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