How to Throw Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

Getting through the first year of your child’s life is a huge accomplishment, and whether you’re a brand-new mom or on the verge of your baby’s first birthday, you have probably thought about how to celebrate that milestone. A first birthday celebration can be quite elaborate and overwhelming for the guest of honor, but there are ways to make the event perfect for everyone involved—especially your little one. Here are some steps to follow.

Choose a Theme: Picking one makes it easier to focus on the colors, decorations and other party details. For instance, My theme is spring and as a main color I chose the shades of purple.

Choose a location and time. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to throw an outdoor birthday party. Hold it in your own backyard or a local park. Plan to allow space for the seating area and desserts table.

Send or deliver invitations. To invite your guests to the party and get them excited for the celebration. The invitations that I chose are floral with a beautiful touch of spring.

Plan and start making decorations. Get started by picking out color and choose flowers to make beautiful centerpieces.. You can also make DIY fabric or paper garlands to drape around the setting.

Shop and prepare food/desserts. If you’re ordering dessert from a baker, be sure to order well in advance. Shop for ingredients for the recipes you’re preparing at least a week before the party.

Setting up the party space. Begin by designating different spaces for your event. Decide where you want to set up your dessert and treat table, and how much space you’ll have there to display the food. Also decide where you want to set up the eating space, plus how many place settings you’ll need. If you’re holding the party outside, wait until the day before to put out rugs, blankets, pillows and tables. If you’re including activities or crafts, find a good place to set those up.

Here are some photos from our party.


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