The ’70s Are Back in Fashion

It was such a dramatic fashion era and made such an impact. Fashion always comes back in cycles and this is the direct opposite of normcore which is so basic. Key pieces are flares, the return of the denim dress, suede and anything with fringing, such as bags or boots.

Fashion in that showily dissolute decade was silky and caressing, silhouettes fluid and bras a relic of a straitjacketed past. So goes the lore. Flares are an exception, they’ll always come back. If you’re attached to your skinny jeans, the wide-legged style can seem like a scary option but they are very flattering. They’re especially great for curvy girls because they balance out the hips but you need to choose one in proportion to your body shape. Another benefit is that flares tend to be high waisted, so they have the ability to elongate the legs when worn with a pair of heels. Another easy way to reference the trend is with a fringed bag, suede boots or paisley blouse. The felt floppy hat is cheap and cute while suede is a key fabric for the ’70s.

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