Fashion Editorial

Chanel Cruise 2016 Collection

The cruise 2016 show from Chanel headed to Seoul, South Korea’s capital city. From a design point of view, Korean traditions offered Karl a trove of inspiration much newer than the familiar tropes of China and Japan. From a cultural point of view, the K-Pop phenomenon had all the color and sugar-rush kick that Lagerfeld could possibly crave. And then there was the inescapable business perspective: Judging by the strikingly stylish audience, the local clientele might be just about the best advertisement Chanel could possibly want.

A Chanel show is never complete without its brand ambassadors. Though she’s hung up her runway shoes for good, Gisele Bündchen is far from leaving the fashion world. The former model and Chanel No. 5 spokesperson opted for a casual, head-to-toe black look that exuded plenty of class. But leading the all-black outfit pack was none other than our fave, Kristen Stewart. Looking particularly warrior-like, K Stew was statuesque in her little black sheer dress.

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