Fashion label Karl Lagerfeld is showing off its “humor and self-mockery” through a capsule collection and animated video starring the namesake designer and his furry friend Choupette.

French artist Tiffany Cooper has created a mini-collection of fun ready-to-wear apparel and accessories, showcasing her mordant and yet warm-hearted sense of humour while capturing the designer’s signature style.

Tee-shirts and sweatshirts dotted with patches feature images of the couturier executing a frenzied dance before the eyes of the rather nonplussed cat, or facetiously donning a grass skirt while Choupette grabs a ukulele on a Tahitian beach. The duo also plays pretend-we’re-Indians in a summer camp tent before noshing oversized ice cream cones and milkshakes, then sauntering off on roller-skates towards new adventures.

Like the memorable Fendi keychain in his likeness, the collection shows Lagerfeld’s sense of humor and good-natured ability to poke fun at his iconic image. It’s a good thing too, considering Cooper has also illustrated brilliant mock movie posters including “Breakfast at Karl’s” and “Karl Bond.”

The collection is available online at  and in Karl Lagerfeld boutiques.


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