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The ‘Game of Thrones’ actress stars in fall’s most spirited styles for the June/July cover shoot of Harper’s BAZAAR. Photographed by Norman Jean Roy, Clarke channels her famed character Daenerys Targaryen with a fierce energy.

The past four years, since Game of Thrones first aired, have been a game changer for the British-born Clarke, 28, who jobbed around in random television gigs before winning her role in 2010. “I was literally so over the moon to have an audition, just an audition, let alone for HBO,” she recalls. “I was doing a million jobs and thinking it would never happen. Not a chance. Not. A. Chance.”

Game of Thrones opened a lot of doors,” she says. “It opened them all.” She has gotten her “badass” hit with Terminator—”that big, awesome storytelling. Like when you were a kid and you imagined it. That’s bonkers.” But now, “I’m wanting to do smaller character pieces, more serious things, less tennis ball and green sticks and special effects. For this next one I don’t need a stunt double or anything!”

Read the full interview here.


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