Fashion Editorial


Showcasing a fusion of fashion and film, designer Michael Kors has teamed up with Vanity Fair and Fashion & Cinema to present an exclusive and star-studded event. Which kicked off today with an on-stage conversation between Michael Kors, along with the films’ female leads, Kate Hudson, Ali McGraw and Rene Russo, led by Vanity Fair‘s Elizabeth Saltzman. The panel discussion will then be followed by a screening of the iconic movie, Love Story, 1970, starring Ali McGraw. Running on the following nights, 15th May sees the screening of Almost Famous, 2000, starring Kate Hudson, while 16th May is The Thomas Crown Affair, 1999, starring Rene Russo.

Three nights, three iconic films, three decades of style, three leading ladies – Icons Of Style is a curated film series exploring the role of fashion in American film, featuring an A-list panel and screenings of a collection of movies which really sum up the zeitgeist.


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