Kendall Jenner Stuns In Estée Lauder Fragrance Campaign

Kendall Jenner is a designer, runway regular and the gorgeous face of Estée Lauder cosmetics. And now Jenner is taking on fragrance campaigns, too. She is wearing a plunging red two-piece suit in the ‘Modern Muse Le Rouge’ fragrance campaign.

“It was not just about capturing the scent of red, it was about capturing a state of mind, a vibrant, dramatic attitude,” Karyn Khoury, of The Estée Lauder Companies, said in a statement. “This woman inspires others through her unwavering confidence, glamour and sophistication. She lives her life to be noticed — and every ingredient in this scent was carefully selected to reflect that.”

The fragrance, a fruity and floral scent, is a sultry blend of ripened roses and velvet cream accord that “captures the drama of [Jenner’s] personality.”


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