My Summer Sleep Essentials

Teaming up with ParachuteHome here I am sharing my summer sleep essentials. Your bedroom reflects who you are and the things you love. It should be a calming and comfortable haven. As it is summer, we need to find ways to lighten up our rooms. During these warm months there is nothing better than jumping into a cool bed with incredible luxury linens, made of lightweight cotton (Egyptian or otherwise). I’m amazed with ParachuteHome’s good products and the most important after checking out their website I learnt about their charitable activities. Parachute has partnered up with Nothing But Nets, an organization that provides safe sleep to those in need.

Speaking about my sleep essentials: In winter it’s good to have a set of warm flannel sheets and perhaps an extra blanket on the bench at the foot of your bed. But it’s important for me to change the bedding and linens to match the season. You can transform your bed into a cloud of comfort with these lightweight duvets from ParachuteHome. Compared to their good quality they are pretty affordable. The same goes for their sheets. Switch a cozy flannel set with a lightweight cotton one during the summer. Light cotton sheets can keep you cooler at night. I love having fresh flowers in my bedroom. Love the aroma that spreads around. A good scented candle is also a must have. Research shows that the scent of lavender, which I simply adore, eases anxiety and insomnia. It sure provides me a relaxing good night sleep. Make sure to check on Parachute’s lavender scented candle.

Photo Credit:ParachuteHome


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