Packing For Hawaii

When packing for a tropical paradise like Hawaii, comfort is the key. Casual wear will fit in well with Hawaii’s island vibes: like shorts, tank tops or t-shirts, and light dresses. Beach essentials include swimsuits, a cover-up, flip flops, beach bag and a hat. Oh and of course sunscreen! Hawaii’s proximity to the equator makes the sun particularly strong. Check the outfit below with featured details.
We are heading to the beautiful island of Maui, it is a part of the Hawaiian island chain and known for its beach resorts. I am going to share my ootds and a few of my favorite things to do on the beautiful Hawaiian island. So come back sometime soon to check them out.
Packing For Hawaii

V neck short dress
$43 –

J Crew halter bikini top
$59 –

Tory burch swimwear

MARBELLA navy flip flops
$14 –

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