Instagram Launches New Section to Highlight New York Fashion Week Content

According to WWD, Instagram will debut a new section to the app’s Explore page this Friday called “The Best of Fashion Week Updated Daily By @Instagram.” Users can click on the section to find Instagram’s picks of the best updates coming out of NYFW Spring 2016 content. The feed will be curated by the same people who work through Instagram’s 70 million posts each day, picking out the most unique accounts to feature.

This is the first time that Instagram will provide a space for users to see daily updated, curated content from a specific event, although the company has done previous collections from events like the Video Music Awards, Comic Con, Pride and more. The new feature will only be available in the US, so the London, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks won’t be featured in the new section just yet. For a first look, Instagram will be launching a collection of up-and-coming fashion accounts on Wednesday and Thursday, but the new fashion week collection will begin on Friday.

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