Model Jessica Hart stuns in Gucci on the october 2015 cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia. Styling by Thelma McQuillan. Photography by Steven Chee. Hair by Michele McQuillan and makeup by Amanda Reardon.

Interview: Clare Maclean

“I am very selective about the projects I work on now. I find modelling a young girl’s job. You arrive at a shoot and they’re like, ‘smile’, ‘jump’, ‘do this’, but I’m 29 – and I don’t want to sound like a brat – but at some point you just can’t be talked to like that.

“I think it can be really hard to figure out who you are meant to be when you grow up in this industry. You think ‘I’m a model. I’m meant to dress up and go to castings,’ and then you go to a casting and you feel awkward and people can see you are awkward. Then, the minute you stop trying to diet and worry and dress in a certain way and instead think, ‘Fuck this, I’m just going to throw on Converse and a T-shirt and jeans’, everyone is like, ‘Oh my god, that’s so cool’, and it’s like ‘Really? This was it the whole time?’”

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