Nicole Kidman For Interview Magazine

Nicole Kidman is the cover star of Interview Magazine‘s october issue. Nicole poses for photographer Fabien Baron wearing looks selected by fashion editor Karl Templer. Make-up is courtesy by Mark Carrasquillo and hair by Garren.

The 48-year-old actress shared with the magazine:

On being an actor: “I suppose expectations are strange and I shy away from them. And the whole point of being an actor is to connect. In the theater, which I’m doing now, when you walk into the rehearsal room on the first day, you’ve got to do it. I think that’s probably my main thing: just do the work. I’m not a big fan of sitting around, saying what I’m going to do. And we’ve all got brilliant ways of ducking and weaving so that we don’t have to do it. But my thing is to just get it on its feet and do it. Whether it’s a scene or just getting a character moving around. You’re going to fall flat on your face, just get back up again. By keeping it that simple, it allows me to play, because I do see it as playtime. I mean, we’re all lucky. We get paid to do it, but ultimately we’re the kids in school that never had to grow up, pretending we’re different people, and then convincing ourselves. I was with another actress the other day, and she said, ‘Oh, I’m not a good actress, because I’m not a good liar.; And I was like, ‘Golly, to me it’s the opposite.’ You have to be so good at what you do that you believe it—so there’s no lie involved.”

Read the full Interview here.

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