Coach 1941 Pre-Fall 2016

For his first pre-fall collection, Vevers welcomed the opportunity to finesse concepts and styles he has made a part of the vernacular chez Coach. “I’ve used this as an opportunity to consolidate the vision of what ready-to-wear means for Coach,” he said during a walk-through.

A big part of that vision is strong outerwear, a key component of the brand since his arrival. Here, the iconic varsity jacket reigned in glove-leather suede, silk prints mixed with leather sleeves and a needle-punch wool version with a patchwork yoke that continued spring’s prairie-vibe.

A Coach collection is not complete without a bag intro. This season it’s The Rogue bag, a soft, three-compartment satchel with overhanging top zipper and strap options that take it from top-handle to shoulder bag. As for shoes, demonstrative, thick-soled clogs featured the brand’s familiar turn-lock hardware. “Consistency is a strategy,” Vevers said. “Your customers need to know what to expect from you.”

Source: WWD

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