Yeezy Season 3 RTW Fall 2016

Yeezy RTW Fall 2016
Yeezy RTW Fall 2016

Kanye West showed his third collection for Yeezy, yesterday at the Madison Square Garden with the drop of his seventh album “The Life of Pablo”. If the event wasn’t a concert, it wasn’t really a fashion show either. There were hundreds of “performers,” most of them African-American or of mixed race, wearing the new collection of tattered sweaters, oversize dusters, bodysuits, tanks, hoodies and shearlings. The clothes mean so little in the grand scheme of the performance. To see such a vast group wearing variations on a uniform, some standing in linear formations on two elevated platforms — men on one, women on the other — with a large Gen Pop milling listlessly or standing still on their feet, all of them wearing sullen, bored or sad expressions.

According to WWD, West didn’t clarify the message or inspiration for the collection and performance concept, but he did make clear that there are bigger ambitions to come. “It’s my dream for at least a couple years to be the creative director of Hermès,” said Kanye. He presented the new video teaser with the working title “Only One”.

“That’s not easy to do, man. You all acting like this sh*t is regular,” he said before cuing up the video of an avatar of his mother, who died in 2007. Coming soon, the trailer promised.


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