Chanel Cruise 2017 In Cuba

On Tuesday night Chanel was staging their Cruise 2017 in Havana, Cuba. Karl Lagerfeld paraded on El Paseo del Prado, a handsome tree-lined boulevard framed by four statues of lions, a symbol of Chanel.  According to WWD, the collection riffed lightly on Cuban-isms: The neat vertical pleats of guayaberas — typical men’s shirts — were incorporated into Chanel jackets; beach-y colors and slogans were splashed across nubby tweeds and souvenir T-shirts, and the vivid paint jobs on bulbous Fifties cars were echoed on sequined dresses. One of the latter, in teal, hugged the curves of Lindsey Wixson — a wiz at sashaying down a runway — like a fender does a tire on a vintage Chevy.

“Cuba is like nothing else in the world,” Karl said. “It has an identity I love, and I always wanted to go, but I need a professional reason.”

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