Gisele Bündchen Supports United Nations’ ‘Wild for Life’ Campaign

Gisele Bündchen joins United Nations’ “Wild for Life” campaign against the illegal trade in wildlife, driving a large number of species to the brink of extinction. “Much of the world’s wildlife is facing extinction. To overcome this we need a radical change in people’s attitude all over the world, so today I’m joining the fight to save these endangered species,” Bündchen said.

“It saddens me that in the 21st century, with all our knowledge and power, we are still hearing stories of wildlife facing the possibility of extinction at the hands of man. It is clear to me that a radical global shift needs to occur and it will take everyone accepting the challenge to support the UNEP Wild for Life campaign. Knowledge is power and now is the time to set our minds to ending all illegal wildlife trade before the choice is no longer in our hands.”

Bündchen took to Instagram to promote the campaign, sharing a futuristic image blending her portrait with an image of her kindred spirit, a sea turtle.



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