Kate Moss In Naked Cashmere Campaign

Naked Cashmere, a premium cashmere line will launch online next month. According to WWD, ads will feature Kate Moss, lensed by Peter Lindbergh in a campaign created by David Lipman.

“When I’m on a shoot I go to a different place in my mind. Clothes make you feel a certain way, and you move in that way and you play a character. When I first put on Naked Cashmere, I didn’t feel like I was anyone other than myself. It was really amazing. And working with Peter Lindbergh on the shoot make things even more special,” said Moss.

She added that she has worked with Lindbergh for many years and he has known her since she was very young. “So together we were able to express what Naked Cashmere is all about. I was so comfortable working with him and I think the campaign feels really true to who I am,” she said.


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