Louis Vuitton Launches A New Perfume Line

Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s leading international fashion houses.The luxury brand is now launching les Parfums Louis Vuitton line with seven different fragrances, for the first time since 1946. Created by genius perfumer Jacques Cavallier, the collection mixes floral notes and leather aroma: Rose Des Vents, Turbulences, Dans La Peau, Apogée,Contre Moi, Matière Noire and Mille Feux.

“The philosophy of my creations are to celebrate femininity,” Cavallier explained at a recent presentation. “A lot of people ask me if I think of a very precise type of woman when I create a perfume, and I always say no. Every woman is different.”

Louis Vuitton chose the French actress Léa Seydoux as their campaign muse.

The LV perfumes will be available for sale from September 1st, each costing $240.


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