Alberta Ferretti Spring Summer 2018 MFW

A sense of renewed lightness characterises the new Spring-Summer 2018 collection by Alberta Ferretti, an elegant journey through the past in search of her most authentic roots. A bright array of ethereal fabrics and linear silhouettes which give the collection a new concept of sensuality, where exquisite finishes and embroidery are accompanied by flowing chiffon, sparkling lurex and a delicate palette of pale colours. A fascinating creative reflection through which the designer rediscovers her expressive DNA.


“In this collection I have explored my own perception of fashion. I adopted a dynamic point of view, embracing the past and the present as one single shot, almost as though I were viewing it through the lens of a moving camera. I wanted to give my signature sense of lightness a renewed touch of luminosity, and this is how this quasi-sentimental collection which describes by current state of being began. It is a moment of creative reflection, through which I wished to rediscover my expressive authenticity.”

A new look, a contemporary attitude which surprises and astounds. Geometric shapes, soft lines and exquisite finishes, where sequins and appliqué details illuminate and enhance the fluidity of the garments.

Minimalistic profiles melt into geometric designs, subtly highlighted to emphasise the length and volume of the dresses and trousers. A renewed sense of lightness interwoven with tones of black, nude, beige and pastel tones.


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