Emilio Pucci Spring Summer 2018 MFW

Glamorous yet retro, Pucci’s Spring Summer 2018 pieces swept the scene in a cool and collected fashion while maintaining their distinct usage of bright colors.

Presented at the brand’s Via Amedei headquarters, the collection is decribed as ease, effortlessness, elegance, with fluid shapes and delicate hues. an idea of softness translated into transparencies.

Models were seen walking down the pool-inspired runway with looks that were comfortable yet flashy enough to make a statement. Pucci did not disappoint with easy, flowy yet feminine silhouettes that flooded the platform with splashes of coral, orange, blue, and green. To top it off, models were seen with colored sunglasses, towel head turbans, embellished slippers, and mini to large handbags.

Deciding what to wear for next year’s plethora of pool parties will be effortless with Pucci’s breezy collection. Heads will turn to admire the signature prints that require no actual summer body to flaunt such bold yet light pieces.

See the full lineup below.


SS18 Look 1
SS18 Look 2
SS18 Look 3
SS18 Look 4
SS18 Look 5
SS18 Look 6
SS18 Look 7
SS18 Look 8
SS18 Look 9
SS18 Look 10
SS18 Look 11
SS18 Look 12
SS18 Look 13
SS18 Look 14
SS18 Look 15
SS18 Look 16
SS18 Look 17
SS18 Look 18
SS18 Look 19
SS18 Look 20
SS18 Look 21
SS18 Look 22
SS18 Look 23
SS18 Look 24
SS18 Look 25
SS18 Look 26
SS18 Look 27
SS18 Look 28
SS18 Look 29
SS18 Look 30

Written by Emily Ma

Edited by Lucy Alimyan

Images: EmilioPucci.com


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