Top 10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Every season has its must have wardrobe items, so here are the best 10 winter wardrobe essentials – statement puffer, novelty knit, party jumpsuit, knit runners, bright beanie…winter is here, cooler temps are NBD thanks to these wintry essentials.

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BRIGHT BEANIE | The cherry on top of any bundled-up look? A bold, cozy-as-can-be hat.
STRAIGHT-LEG DENIM | Anything looks cooler tucked into these high-rise, vintage-inspired jeans.
EXTRA-BIG BAG | Carry a polished, supersized shoulder bag that fits everything but the kitchen sink.
HOOP EARRINGS | Slip them on to add a glamorous note to all of those layers.
LONG-SLEEVE LAYER | To add sleeves to breezy dresses or insulate your favorite cable-knit.
PARTY JUMPSUIT | A.K.A. you wardrobe solve for every event on the holiday docket.
STATEMENT PUFFER | Proof that style doesn’t have to go into hibernation once the temps plummet.
KNIT RUNNERS | Defined by their sock-like detailing, these cushy-sleek lace ups are as practical as a pair of boots.
MINI SKIRT | We love this A-line, ’70s-style cut. (Pro tip: On extra-frigid days, just add tights).
NOVELTY KNIT | By “novelty” we mean bright, embroidered, cheeky, in-your-face—or all the above.


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