Still life in movement.

Marni’s Spring/Summer 2018 advertising campaign crystallizes a fascinating mix of couture echoes and skater’s quirkiness. Surfing among languor of past times and irreverent poses, the subjects are fragments of an incessant and personal research of beauty. The dissonance between the elements ironically defines their harmony.

The artist Jamie Hawkesworth captures a warm light, portraying the Marni woman and man in an ethereal and timeless vision in which small objects, lost, found, bring back the figures to the dimension of the present.01_Marni ADV Campaign SS18.jpg02_Marni ADV Campaign SS18.jpg03_Marni ADV Campaign SS18.jpg05_Marni ADV Campaign SS18.jpg04_Marni ADV Campaign SS18.jpg06_Marni ADV Campaign SS18.jpg07_Marni ADV Campaign SS18.jpg08_Marni ADV Campaign SS18.jpg09_Marni ADV Campaign SS18.jpg

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