feed_99_unnamed__1_Carven is pleased to unveil its new spring-summer 2018 campaign, photographed by Jack Davison under the artistic direction of Serge Ruffieux.

The campaign is an intriguing exploration of the theme of doubles. The model Olympia Campbell is seen bonding with nature, her face streaked by the shadow of leaves , her silhouette lit by an elusive ray of sunshine. She is then pictured nonchalantly and langorously lying on Aubusson carpets, the ultimate symbols of an idealized nature.

This indoor-outdoor contrast captures the very essence of Serge Ruffieux’s work, a chiaroscuro aesthetic based on an alchemy of opposites: an ultra-modern girl in the slightly quaint context of a forest, and the Aubusson universe transfered into a real forest in Spain. The line between dream and reality is totally blurred.

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