Calvin Klein Fragrances Unveils Latest CK ONE Global Ad Campaign


Calvin Klein revealed the new worldwide advertising campaign for CK ONE by Calvin Klein. Bridging fragrance and fashion, the campaign features an international cast of models, many of whom have been seen in the CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Spring 2018 runway show and in the just released global campaign.

Directed by acclaimed writer-director Zal Batmanglij and shot by photographer Willy Vanderperre, the campaign offers a modern voice to CK ONE. The campaign celebrates a provocative longing for unity and self-expression, in a time where communication is digital, conversations are global, and youth are not only awakened but also engaged.

In his cinematic advertisement, Batmanglij allows viewers to follow the cast’s individual journeys, which eventually end with everyone coming together. Throughout the spot, voicemail messages of longing for connection accompany visuals of the CK ONE cast experiencing coming-of-age moments – exploring a warehouse party in Brooklyn, NYC; playing “spin the bottle;” daydreaming about a crush in a school locker room, and more. The story ends with the group coming together on a NYC rooftop. The print campaign, photographed by Vanderperre, carries the theme over to still imagery by capturing the CK ONE cast on a rooftop overlooking the iconic New York City skyline, one of the most diverse and spirited places in the world.

“When CK ONE originally launched in 1994, it helped redefine the boundaries of the modern fragrance because it blurred societal, gender boundaries and offered a freedom from convention and the status quo, a breaking of rules,” said Simona Cattaneo, Chief Marketing Officer, Coty Luxury. “The reinvention and renewal of this milestone continues to define contemporary times.”

About CK ONE fragrance:

Originally unveiled in 1994, CK ONE both reflected and pre-empted a new movement and feeling in society. Today, as traditions and boundaries are confronted and challenged by a new generation, the CK ONE philosophy of inclusivity, diversity, freedom and unity resonates ever stronger.

The fragrance is the essence of the CK ONE philosophy and possesses a uniquely olfactive DNA, one that is designed to be gender fluid and shared. Ignoring the traditional signifiers of masculine or feminine, the scent resists conformity and combines an energetic citrus zest with feminine florals, and masculine musk. The fusion of genders and diversity of ingredients is compelling, seductive and has been unmatched in the market for almost 25 years – representing a conversation; CK ONE is the language of all.

The Cast

For men, for women, for everyone – CK ONE is designed to connect people. To be shared, to unite. We are finally brought together as one.

The striking cast has been assembled from hallmark faces on the runway of CALVIN KLEIN – collectively, they epitomize the vision of a revitalized, great American fashion house.

Alec Pollentier (Belgium)
Alyssa Traoré (Netherlands)
Ariel Nicholson (USA)
Ernesto Cervantes (USA)
Fernando (Spain)
Jabali Sandiford (USA)
Jonas Glöer (Germany)
Lulu (USA)
Wangy Xinyu (China)

The group, the crowd, the crew. CK ONE is defined by a plurality of identity – by the people who wear it. Together, they are one.

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