This season saw Christian Louboutin’s second collaboration with Michael
Halpern’s eponymous brand; the designer’s usual high glamour world taking a
bigger, more daring approach for the season, turning traditional eveningwear on
its head.

The rock and roll edge of last season was given an even grittier dress
code for AW18. Inspired by seasoned socialite and sartorial rule breaker Nan
Kemper, the collection showcased a burst of colour wrapped around dazzling
super flares, glittering miniskirts paired with embellished t-shirts and a highly
crafted shoulder of a jacket irreverently morphed into a luxurious mini dress.
Drawing from the ever-changing landscape of the world’s most famous
concrete jungle, exploding peonies and animal prints appeared as recurring
themes, elevated to a three-dimensional quality through embellishment and
metallic fabric treatments.
The dazzling interpretation of an inappropriate glamour – wearing an evening
look at noon, dressing against the dress codes, and the irresistible pleasure of
being out of place – was furthered by the addition of customised Christian
Louboutin styles inspired by Miss Daisy from the Spring Summer 2018
Matching the fabrics of the most exceptional outfits, thigh high boots come in a
vibrant palette of colours and patterns. The playful mules were a highlight with
contrasting colour block fragments and multicoloured firework sequins. Self
assured ankle boots adorned in Halpern’s AW18 zebra flip motif further
embodies the freedom from fashion etiquette. All three styles are showcased in
a psychedelic fil coupé that comes in both pink and yellow.
All sit atop Christian Louboutin’s sculptural SS18 Gueridon heel, reflecting
Michael Halpern’s creative vision of a silhouette freeze-framing the fleeting
moments of ease embodied in the movement of eveningwear.

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