Gucci Cruise 2019


Gucci’s creative designer Alessandro Michele chose the Provencal city of Arles; more specifically, the Alyscamps, one of the most famous Roman necropolises of the ancient world, as the location for Cruise 2019.

“Alyscamps is a Roman cemetery, but it’s also not a cemetery, it was a promenade, it became a walk in the 1700s; it is hybridized, it does not look like a cemetery because it is and it isn’t. I like things that seem like something but are not”. ALESSANDRO MICHELEFlames and fire divided the runway for the Cruise 2019 fashion show. Widows clutched flowers in embroidered velvet gowns and capes, kids played rock stars wearing tiger striped narrow pants and fluorescent belt bags. The guests-models-of the rave walked the Promenade Des Alyscamps after dark in Arles, in looks designed for a party in a cemetery imagined by Alessandro Michele. Pan, the mascot from the Hotel Chateau Marmont appeared on laundry style shoulder bags, and scarves featuring the Flora print wrapped intricate hairstyles inspired by the end of the Roman empire.

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