Stella McCartney Winter 2018 Campaign

This season Stella McCartney takes us back to her childhood in one of her most personal ad campaigns yet. The campaign was shot in Scotland, Campbeltown, where Stella grew up as a child. It embraces nature as well as a sense of escape and freedom. Set against a beguiling Scottish landscape that reflects the new collection’s softly deconstructed, textural and timeless looks.

“The ocean, the bagpipers from the Kintyre School –  – these are all part of my childhood memories. It is one of my most emotional ad campaigns ever; it allowed me to connect with the local people and nature. I worked with Johnny Dufort and the models He Cong, Julia Banas, and Nina Marker to bring life, personality and a kind of character into the clothes and into the entire spirit of the shoot. Johnny brings a kind of sense of humor, a sense of comedy.” – Stella McCartney



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