Tibi Spring Summer 2019

For Tibi’s Spring 2019 collection, the natural mix of an urban palette of browns, blacks and burgundys merge and intermingle with sun bleached colors from nature in hazy pinks, yellows and shades of green.  The relaxed draping and twists are balanced with sharp tailoring; precise detailing and technical applications to fabrications.  The new suiting comes with a drape that hugs the body and works with outsized shorts, designed to work effortlessly through the changing spring seasons from February through May.  Handbags in rich and subtle glove leather are pure utility yet expressed with a rich softness.  Transparency creates a feeling of lightness but juxtaposed with metal details and a fresh eye on a new dropped waist proportion whether in feather weight dresses, the sheer crispness of a trench coat, or the transparency of a shoe that seems to barely register on the foot.  All with ties, buttons and snaps that allow an individual to create an expression that is all her own.

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