3.1 Phillip Lim SPRING 2019

Phillip Lim‘s Spring Summer 2019 collection is inspired by the Berber people with a touch of the sixties to give a retro-futuristic vibe.

The collection features fringed dresses and tops, made from Berber fabrics give way to metallic mesh with curved crop tops which are detached from the rest of the outfit. The cuts gives us a glimpse of the body. ‘Cherry’ prints and orange flowers are worn by some models giving a certain exotic air.  The silver coat, futuristic sun-glasses, flat sandals are perfect for escaping.

“In these times you know, you have to stay positive and you have to like look for the humanity and the love in everything, and this collection was the continuation of a nomadic theme, and it was bits of Berber textiles mixed with like a very naive pops retro future 60s. And I think people were asking me like ‘oh how did those come together?’ I’m like you know, in our journey we’re always looking for things that reference back to naivety and moments of joy and I think those genres, one’s really based in humanity and like soul of the earth and the other one’s like pop and naive and you know just fun and joyous. The bras, like those are kind of a reference from the 60s, the 60s like all Courrèges, and like even the colours and stuff like that, maybe like silvers and stuff like that so, they created like these new iconic graphic lines. Textures are from like Berbered textiles, so it’s really for warmth and like nomadic travels you know, and then we kind of recreated them, in homage to and cut them in kind of just really fly away skirts and dresses and trying to make it just have a sense of freedom.”

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