Marc Jacobs Spring 2019

Marc Jacobs’ spring 2019 runway show started an hour-and-a-half late, presenting a collection that is a very light, sheer, pretty version of Fall. It can also be described as voluminous, in trapeze shapes, massive ruffles, pleated pants, bold shoulders, huge sleeves, enormous waist flowers. There was chiffon and sequins and lamé, gloves and bags and sparkly tights and Grace Kelly scarves. There were sling-back shoes with exaggerated pointed toes. There were little veiled Ascot hats.

“There are references to designers that have always inspired me and our past collections that have inspired me. Things that I continually go back to,” Marc Jacobs.

“I really don’t care if it’s new or old or modern or casual or dressy or whatever,” Jacobs said during a preview. “I think there are plenty of people dressing women to go to Starbucks. It’s not of interest to me. If you’re going to get dressed up, get dressed up. If you’re going to not get dressed, wear your sweats to go to Starbucks,” he said to Women’s Wear Daily.

See the entire lineup below.



Calvin Klein Spring 2019

Calvin Klein, as designed by creative director Raf Simons, debuted its Spring 2019 collection. He set his runway against a screen flashing images of ocean waves, and then the tell tale sound of the Jaws shark approaching signaled the beginning of the show. Simons stayed true to the 1975 film’s thematic elements: wetsuits, speedos and spandex helped bring it all together. When models, which included industry favorites Kaia Gerber and Doutzen Kroes, weren’t wearing latex boots or flats, they were barefoot, instead walking with their shoes in-hand.

The front row was seated by A-list stars such as Anne Hathaway, Jeff Goldblum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anna Wintour, Rami Malek and A$AP Rocky.


Coach Spring Summer 2019

Stuart Vevers presented the Spring Summer 2019 of Coach, a free-spirited collection, at an enormous warehouse space on the West Side Highway. Romance meets utility. Past meets future. The collection irreverently remixes the craft and spirit of Americana through the eyes of the new New Romantic.

“Dreamers traversing an unraveling prairie landscape in the wake of their revolution, trailing scavenged and salvaged American heirlooms,” explained a post-event release.

Inspired by the hues of the desert landscape, Vevers offered a light and soft take on the season — a dramatic juxtaposition to the dark side that defined the fall collection. “This is a counterpoint to fall,” he said. “There are faded colors, nostalgic prairie prints — it’s very heirloom-y.”



Designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough presented Proenza Schouler’s the denim-heavy Spring 2019 collection at New York Fashion Week.

“This season, McCollough and Hernandez say they are focusing on designing clothes that allow them to “speak to more people,” using what they call “humble fabrics,” including washed cottons, but also something more unexpected. “We’re by no means insinuating that we’re going down market in any way,” McCollough clarified. “It’s just kind of a new approach; we’re attacking a new part of our customer’s life.” BOF

3.1 Phillip Lim SPRING 2019

Phillip Lim‘s Spring Summer 2019 collection is inspired by the Berber people with a touch of the sixties to give a retro-futuristic vibe.

The collection features fringed dresses and tops, made from Berber fabrics give way to metallic mesh with curved crop tops which are detached from the rest of the outfit. The cuts gives us a glimpse of the body. ‘Cherry’ prints and orange flowers are worn by some models giving a certain exotic air.  The silver coat, futuristic sun-glasses, flat sandals are perfect for escaping.

“In these times you know, you have to stay positive and you have to like look for the humanity and the love in everything, and this collection was the continuation of a nomadic theme, and it was bits of Berber textiles mixed with like a very naive pops retro future 60s. And I think people were asking me like ‘oh how did those come together?’ I’m like you know, in our journey we’re always looking for things that reference back to naivety and moments of joy and I think those genres, one’s really based in humanity and like soul of the earth and the other one’s like pop and naive and you know just fun and joyous. The bras, like those are kind of a reference from the 60s, the 60s like all Courrèges, and like even the colours and stuff like that, maybe like silvers and stuff like that so, they created like these new iconic graphic lines. Textures are from like Berbered textiles, so it’s really for warmth and like nomadic travels you know, and then we kind of recreated them, in homage to and cut them in kind of just really fly away skirts and dresses and trying to make it just have a sense of freedom.”

Tibi Spring Summer 2019

For Tibi’s Spring 2019 collection, the natural mix of an urban palette of browns, blacks and burgundys merge and intermingle with sun bleached colors from nature in hazy pinks, yellows and shades of green.  The relaxed draping and twists are balanced with sharp tailoring; precise detailing and technical applications to fabrications.  The new suiting comes with a drape that hugs the body and works with outsized shorts, designed to work effortlessly through the changing spring seasons from February through May.  Handbags in rich and subtle glove leather are pure utility yet expressed with a rich softness.  Transparency creates a feeling of lightness but juxtaposed with metal details and a fresh eye on a new dropped waist proportion whether in feather weight dresses, the sheer crispness of a trench coat, or the transparency of a shoe that seems to barely register on the foot.  All with ties, buttons and snaps that allow an individual to create an expression that is all her own.

Mansur Gavriel Fall Winter 2019

Designers Floriana Gavriel and Rachel Mansur presented their see-now-buy-now fall collection at Spring Studios, with round tables loaded over with delicacies from Ladurée. While Mansur’s fans may gravitate towards the powder-puff pink outerwear, there was a polished selection of navy and army green overcoats that are sure to keep girls warm this winter.

Brandon Maxwell Spring Summer 2019

Brandon Maxwell presented his Spring Summer 2019 collection “A Love Letter To Texas,” created in Marfa, it was a homage to his roots. Maxwell wrote in the show notes that his collection is “dedicated to Texas and my family for making me who I am. To my friends for always supporting me exactly where I am. To the women on my team for your fierce love, loyalty and dedication to taking me where I want to go. To our customers for making this dream my reality.”

Top models Joan Smalls, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Taylor Hill, Cindy Bruna and Grace Elizabeth walked the runway alongside pregnant Lily Aldridge at Manhattan’s Classic Car Club.

Longchamp Spring Summer 2019

To celebrate 70 years of the label, Longchamp organized their first show in New York. The Spring Summer 2019 lineup represents a 70’s spirit, Californian desert vibe, with references to Anita Pallenberg and Veruschka, with a palette of cobalt blue, chocolate brown and clay reds shown in a mix of layered dresses, tunics and vests. Fringes, an important element throughout the collection, decorated jackets made of sublime leather, were seen on the front of shirts worn over tops, on gladiator sandals and on boots.

The guests included Isabelle Huppert, Kate Moss and the new muse Kendall Jenner perfectly wearing the new collection being shown.

“This year it’s our 70th anniversary and in May we opened a boutique on 5th avenue, we also have Kendall Jenner as an ambassador. The American market is an important market for us but also in coming here I feel a certain freedom to show a new Longchamp, for us this first show is a new step for our company. This collection took inspiration from the 70s, with iconic women such as Veruschka or Anita Pallenberg, who marked their generation with a certain elegance and an eccentric twist. Leather is obviously important, it’s our know-how, it’s the work of the fashion house, our atelier, but we also have silk dresses, embroided fabrics, macrames etc… We are obviously known for our bags and our leather goods, but today we wanted to express Longchamp’s fashion style, with ready to wear clothing that brings a touch of femininity and sensuality.” -Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine.

Giorgio Armani Will Present The Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2019 Collection In Milan Airport Hangar

Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani (born in 1934), Italian stylist. Milan. Jean-Marie Périer for “Designers’s World” in Elle Magazine (n°2681) in May, 19th, 1997.

Giorgio Armani is pleased to announce Emporio Armani Boarding, a major show event to be held on 20th September 2018 in the hangar of the Milano Linate Airport.

For the first time, the airport will host a fashion show, turning into an unexpected backdrop to the Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2019 Men’s and Women’s collections. Exceptionally, the two collections will be shown together this season. The fashion show will culminate with the performance of an international pop star.

Giorgio Armani says, ‘Airports are places full of symbolism. They suggest unbounded openness to the world outside. You take off to discover and learn, or come back after experiencing countless adventures. I liked the idea of staging this event in the same hangar which has been labelled with the “Emporio Armani” insigna and its iconic eagle logo since 1996 — an image that welcomes the thousands of travellers who land at Linate Airport or functions as a farewell as they depart from Milan. The airport is the perfect space for Emporio Armani, the brand that embodies a free, adventurous spirit and continually reasserts its essence through a contemporary style.’

The eagle-topped hangar is now part of the collective imagination and one of the many locations linked to Emporio Armani since its inception, representing a “geography” of the brand, such as via Broletto, whose 1984 giant poster site has become part of Milan’s urban iconography, via Durini, where the brand opened its first store in 1981, via Bergognone, site of the Armani/Teatro, home of the brand’s fashion shows, and via Manzoni 31, with its large concept store and Emporio Armani Caffè.

Launched in 1981 as a collection targeting a younger audience, today Emporio Armani is a brand that works as a hub. It matches the way people move in the urban environment, and is inspired by an inclusive, democratic attitude. After the Paris and London show- events of recent seasons, the new destination of Emporio Armani’s journey is Milan, where it will occupy an emblematic space and will be presented through an innovative format.

The brand’s signature democratic spirit will drive the event, which will be attended by a crowd of 2,300, including invited guests, staff and press, as well as a number of members of the public. Tickets for the public will be available via a special contest, held throughout the city of Milan, using a game-like format. The first one hundred randomly selected names, among holders of “passport” – those taking part in the contest will have to collect a series of stamps for in a special “passport” – will be the lucky winners who, accompanied by a guest, will be admitted to the soirée.

The event has been anticipated with a billboard campaign and the customization of the Linate Airport, as well as advertised on tram and buses throughout Milan. A special Emporio Armani Boarding capsule collection has been created for the occasion: sweatshirts, T-shirts and accessories inspired by the event-theme. The capsule will go on sale on 13th September in Milan and in the main Emporio Armani flagship stores worldwide later on, as well as on

All “behind the scenes” activities associated with #EABoarding and live streaming of the show will be available for viewing on @emporioarmani through the main social networks.