Best Party Tops

Aside from constant deciding what to wear for the holiday parties, the easiest way to get festive look might just be by slipping on a party top. It’s totally cool to wear a sequined camisole with our boyfriend jeans that’s entirely effortless.

So, whether you’re throwing together a holiday party look on the go or you just want to add a little sparkle to your everyday outfit, here I have found some tops that say “Let’s Party!”

Holiday Heels!

It’s time to get festive. We all know shoes can make or break your outfit. Choosing what shoes to wear with your best party outfit is decidedly more difficult when you plan on dancing the night away in them. I decided to make a gallery. I hope it will help you to attend all your holiday parties in killing heels!!!

Season in Style : Coat Trends

Now that it’s getting colder the main task for us is to stay warm and chic. This season’s must haves are ponchos and capes. The shape adds all the drama you need to any outfit. Don’t fear the new silhouette — embrace it! Start simple at first by adding a cape to your skinny jeans and flats for a play on proportions. Feeling more adventurous? Work a printed poncho or cape over shorts or a skirt and add thigh-high boots. The other cozy must haves are robes and wraps. These waist-defining styles are especially flattering with over dresses and wide-leg pants, cinched at the middle to show off your shape. Try layering them over chunky knits to define your frame up top. Nothing lends as much luxe as furry textural finishes do — plus, nothing is warmer when you really need to bundle up. You can drum up your boyfriend jeans with a chubby jacket or use a furry coat as the perfect complement to any evening look — it’ll look way better than any parka or puffer.

Here is a photo gallery to view.

The Most Wearable Fashion Trends Right Now

Matchy Sets: Well, this is one way to make getting dressed in the morning way easier! Try your hand at tops and bottoms that are made for each other and shave a few minutes off your morning routine.

11-most-wearable-w724Orange: In addition to blue, orange is another hot color for the season. But before you say “not for me,” know that there are different shades for every skin tone—from juicy, bold brights to subdued, muted hues.


Pastel: Good news! The soft shades from Spring 2014 (mint greens, pastel pinks, baby blues) fit right in for fall. Work sumptuous coats, slim pants, or midi skirts in these lovely hues.


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Dress for FALL !

Fall is here! Most of us have hit that strange level of panic that comes with realizing you have got way too many clothes you can only wear when it’s warm. It’s all right, it happens to all of us. I am here to give some ideas what is in for this fall.

Fringe swings into fall fashion. Fringe conjures images of Western heroes as well as iconic looks from the ’20s,’60s and ’70s, but fringe definitely has modern appeal this season.The safest and easiest way to wear fringe is to pick just one item with fringe to wear. Say a handbag or boots, and keep the rest of your look simple.Fringe is a perfect purchase for fall and will have you well on your way to next spring’s romantic and bohemian trends.

It is fall and we can’t wait to get our hands on some cozy knits, over-the-knee boots,eternity scarves and everything else that makes fall fashion so fun and comfy.

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Do you have your own style?

Style is about knowing yourself and expressing who you are. For creating your own style the first step is to forget about what is fashionable and to think about how to create your own style. But isn’t that hard?

We all love to follow the latest fashion trends. They say be true to yourself. Decide if you wear clothes to impress others or to feel good while you are wearing them. 

But fashion is always shifting – even if something you’re wearing is deemed in fashion today, it likely won’t be very soon, possibly as early as tomorrow. 

Style has a dynamic nature, too, but its dynamism has to do with the expression of who you are and your sense of self.  It’s about honoring your uniqueness and having your outsides match your insides.

Once you know what’s “you” and what’s not, you can begin to cultivate a collection of pieces that flatter you, express your personality, and that you’ll love for years to come. Would you dress up as fashion dictates or follow your own style?

As for me I try to be aware of what is going on in fashion world.But i have my own style for sure.

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