Seditious Simplicity | Prada Resort 2020 Campaign

The Prada Resort 2020 campaign celebrates the beauty of living, of reality, of today.

As the Prada Resort collection proposes an alternate viewpoint on classicism – the idea of simplicity as a rebellion, of the extraordinary to be found within the ordinary, the new inside the familiar – so a fresh perspective is found here, a different take on the very concept of fashion advertising. No longer a static, distanced image viewed through the lens of the page or the computer screen, the Prada 2020 Resort campaign is integrated into everyday life, subverting convention by breaking down those barriers. It debuts idiosyncratically, not only on the pages of magazines but as something to be experienced, to be lived. Tactile paper images wrap fragrant bouquets at florists in key cities around the globe – London, Milan, Moscow, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo – at points unexpected, unknown, unanticipated. Everyday places filled with beauty, romance, poetry and stories.

The two photographers selected by Prada to document this collection are noted for their dichotomous yet equally powerful portrayals of personalities – of humanity. New York-based Drew Vickers has drawn international acclaim for composed, calm and elegant portraits that sensitively highlight the quiet and tender human emotion within his subjects. Here, the photographs are as much an expression of the feeling of the collection – a portrait of the fashion – as of the sitters themselves. Prada has chosen to contrast these with the work of Japanese photographer Keizo Kitajima, noted for his real and dynamic street photography from the 1970s through until today.

Prada Spring Summer 2020

Miuccia Prada kicked off Milan fashion week with Prada’s Spring Summer 2020 runway show, with a new take on elegance and understatement. For the show, AMO devised a vibrant geometric pattern of ceramic tile and interlocking seating that enfolds across the hall of the Fondazione Prada Deposito – illuminated and infused with a golden glow.

See every look from the collection in the gallery below.

Prada Spring Summer 2019

For the 2019 Spring/Summer Prada Womenswear show, AMO transforms the Deposito, the most dramatic space of the Fondazione Prada complex, into a multifunctional venue for performances.

Miuccia Prada’s Spring Summer 2019 collection studies the overlapping processes of several design practices in an unexpected dialogue between materials. Prada has invited a series of globally influential female creatives to collaborate, to devise items for women crafted from Prada’s emblematic nylon fabric.  A trio of leading female architects – Cini Boeri, Elizabeth Diller and Kazuyo Sejima – have designed unique new pieces created from Prada nylon. Check out Prada’s Spring Summer 2019 collection below.




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Prada unveiled their 365 Pre-fall 2018 ad campaign. Called ‘Industreality’ the images are captured by Wily Vanderperre in the fictitious factory set of the ‘Prada Warehouse’. Models Kris Grikaite, Anok Yai and Fran Summers posed with classicism against unexpected, utilitarian backdrops, to create an arresting contemporary contrast.

In the background, crates and boxes bear emblems drawn from the Prada universe – hallmarks, markers and talismans, indicating their point of origin. They, like these clothes, express the indelible and immediately-recognizable identity of Prada.

Check out the campaign images below.

Prada Fall Winter 2018 MFW

Miuccia Prada showcased her Fall Winter 2018 collection for Prada, interpreting the relationship between history, modernity, origin, architecture, and fashion, in the newly revealed Torre at Fondazione Prada in Milan. A new architectural landmark, the tower offers a unique view on the skyline of the city.

The set by AMO consists of a simple geometric layout with tribunes oriented north towards central Milan, establishing a sophisticated spectacle and dialogue between fashion, architecture and the city. The sharp volumes of the show spaces are accentuated by a black resin finish that magically shimmers in the light and mimics the nocturnal panorama outside.

“I liked the idea of the night, the night as the place for adventure, the place of freedom and its limits,” she said during a preshow press conference. “Women, on the one hand, have to be strong and protected, aggressive and powerful. On the other side, you bring with you all the characteristics of femininity, sometimes carried on from our past and how you’ve been raised.”

Titled ‘Nocturne’, the collection includes fabulous dresses, skirts, coats of the dressed-up variety played against serious sportiness — much of it flashing newfangled logos. See the full collection below.

Prada RTW Fall 2016

Prada Spring|Summer15 Campaign

Prada launches three evocative short films to support its Spring/Summer 2015 womenswear campaign. Three contradictory states Psychedelic, Stoic and Intimate are explored in the films by models Julia Nobis (Psychedelic), Ine Neefs (Stoic) and Gemma Ward (Intimate) shot by Steven Meisel.

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Prada Pre-Fall 2015 Womenswear Collection

Presented at Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, Prada showed a preview of its fall-winter 2015 womenswear collection, adding an androgynous and somber note to the season. As the show notes state, the collection takes a look at the similarities and differences between men and women’s fashion. Similarities include nylon outerwear and boxy silhouettes as well as flat boots in black with colorful outlines. Contrasting the men’s suits are dresses done in the same material, sometimes adorned with bows and belts. Bulky gloves and briefcase inspired handbags bring a practical touch to the feminine shapes.